Pros And Cons Of Velux Skylights

Velux Skylights

Skylights not only look classy and stylish but also provides enough light in the room to make it bright with minimum electricity along with the natural sunlight coming from the sky. These are an excellent source of getting maximum sunlight through the roof window. Many people are of the view that the skylights are mere glass windows on the roof of the house but that is not enough, velux skylights are specially designed to get the maximum external light directly into the room where these are placed. It’s made of glass or special plastic placed at a certain angle to tolerate the heat and a direct exposure to the sun minimizing the dependence on electricity in day time. Moreover the installation of these skylights can be a bit challenging and is difficult to be done by own self, but once it’s installed it’s all worth it. Let’s study some of the pros of having skylights installed in your home,

Health Benefits

Direct sunlight is a source of vitamin D which is not available to us in any other form except vitamin D supplements. Skylights are a source of direct sunlight which impacts human health in very positive ways and is extremely beneficial for bone health and treats many illnesses like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. In winters these helps in keeping the house warm maintaining a cozy atmosphere at all times without turning on heaters in the day time, Similarly skylights that can open like normal windows keeps good ventilation and airflow in hot and humid weather without th4e need of air conditioner.

Cost effective

Velux skylights are an excellent cost effective investment especially if your skylights are integrated with solar energy cells you can qualify for federal tax credit. Reducing the appliances cost for heating and cooling during summers and winters, some latest skylights have an inbuilt feature of closing automatically while raining, and many are operated through a remote control making it easier to open and shut during extreme weathers.

Along with pros there are some cons of these skylights as well like cleaning them can be a challenging task sometimes due to their location on the roof, plus installation of these lights is a bit tricky and you can have glare issues if the angle is not correct, but again these are one time issues and can be surpassed easily as compared to long term benefits.

Investing in durable velux skylights is a decision you will not regret for a long time, contact us today and enjoy the perks without having to do any extra effort, our team will install it In your house and will not only benefit you in the long run but also give your house the most stylish and contemporary look. Please visit for more information